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"I will look foward to reading your articles on line. I have been getting your news paper mailed to me by my sister in Clendenin, Always love to visit as often as I can."
"Dear Sug, excellent newspaper coverage & photos of the CHS Reunion. I was wondering if you would email a few of the photos for me to use in a DVD Photo show that I am creating of the event."
Peggy Barker

"I read your paper every time I have one mailed to me and I do enjoy it. I would love to read it on line."
Beth Chandler Seigler
"We live in ohio & my grandpa recently picked up your paper passing through wv."

I was so happy to find your paper online. Since I moved I haven't gotten to read it. I use to look forward to picking one up now I can look forward to it again.Thanks
Way to go with having the only Clendenin paper on the world wide web. Another great way to keep the citizen and fans informed. Keep up the great work.

I am really enjoying the country times on the internet
Beth S.

I like the paper.
Don B.

I live in Hawaii now and it was a very good surprise to find out about the Clendenin Newspaper. I had alot of memories as a read the latest issue.I lived on Bufflick a long time ago...Thanks.
Charles P.

Just wanted to let you know that I found the paper and to let you know that it is totally awesome!!! Even my ad is great... Keep up the good work.

Just read your publication today and wanted to let you know that you are doing a wonderful job with your publication!

Thoughts and Prayers,

Tammy F.

Hi Sug! We're enjoying The Country Times from North Carolina! Maybe we can get Marshall to do a joke column for you. :+]
Patty P.

I live in NC but I have family in Clendenin. I would love to get The Country Times paper is there anyway I can receive the paper via email?
Sherry Pauley
It is a treat to read the news from Clendenin. Both sets of my grand parents.,used to live in Clendenin. I miss going to the Tastee Freeze.
Keith K.

My parents were from Clendenin and i still have relatives there. My best memories are summer vacations visiting with friends and family there.
Tina C.

This is very nicely done. I had not seen your web site, but it is enjoyable. I am sure that people who have lived here, and now live else where like to get the news.

Thanks for your efforts! :0)
Linda P.

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