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Article in The Country Times in the March 30, 2012 Issue

It’s that time of year when kids anticipate what team they are going to be on, what position they will get to play, if their best friend will be on the same team and all the cool stuff “Little Leaguers” should only have to worry about and nothing else. The “cool” stuff isn’t the only thing on the mind of some “Little leaguers”; needing a ball glove, cleats, bats, balls etc… is more common than you realize. Thanks to someone who played ball for Clendenin Little League, they have made a difference to make three future MLB players happy Erik Bledsoe of “” a website design firm, saw an email sent to me at The Country Times, which he manages, saw an email sent to me at The Country Times, which he manages, of a single mother asking if I had any gloves, knowing I use to coach. Web Design Firm
Standing: Alex Baier 10, Paul Zane
Baier 5, Sitting: Tyler Baier 6.

Erik saw the email before I did and I got a text saying to call him immediately it is very important. I called Erik and he told me of the email and said he wanted to help.

I got in contact with the mother of three that I coached years ago and saw three awesome sweet boys and told her we would help. Erik of told me to go buy what they needed. Erik not only bought them gloves, but also he bought; cleats, bats, balls, and uniform pants. Erik wants to ask other businesses or baseball enthusiasts to check around and see if maybe other players might be in need of the basic essentials to make a summer a fun time, not one looking through the fence wishing they could be playing, but can’t because they don’t have the basic equipment to be able to.

If you would like to help some children with the basics, call The Country Times (304-546-9088) or get in contact with a Little League Board Member. I want to say how proud of my son Erik Bledsoe for stepping up and making a difference not only to three little boys, but also to their single mother who was so grateful because someone cared and took a huge burden off of her shoulders.

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