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Patriot Energy WV Helps Local Community
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Patriot Energy WV Chairty Drive West Virginia suffers from a poverty rate of almost 18% which is 5 points higher than the national average and you can help! Patriot Energy has partnered with a local food bank and will be making a donation of $1 for every new “Like” we receive on our Facebook page during the month of November. You may be thinking, $1 isn’t that much. However, a donation of $1 is very powerful to our local food banks.

They can turn that $1 donation from Patriot Energy into over $10 of food and supplies for our local neighbors in need. Their large buying power and distribution center allows them to make that $1 donation go further than anyone else!

The temperatures are turning colder and many West Virginia’s, including small children, are going to bed hungry each and every night. Patriot Energy realizes this growing problem and wants to do our part to help our neighbors in need. We are not asking for any money out of your pockets, just the simple task of going to our Facebook Page and clicking that little “Like” button to show your support.

Patriot Energy WV

For the entire month of November, every new person that “Likes” our Facebook page, a $1 donation will be made to our local food bank. All money benefits our neighbors and local community. We are asking for your help!

Visit today and “Like” the page. Share our posts on your Facebook page to get the word out to more and more people.

Patriot Energy WV Facebook

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