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Clendenin Big Buck Contest

The Country Times and Brian's Auto are pleased to announce the 2008 Big Buck contest, back by popular demand! The first place hunter will win $100. E-Mail your photos to or Click on the running buck to the right!
2008 Clendenin Big Buck Contest

The rules are simple, here is how to WIN:

1. The most points win! In case of a tie, the biggest spread will be the winner.
2. Must have the deer tagged by a state approved station.
3. Must have picture taken with Buck, your name, ballpark location of the kill to be placed in The Country Times. (can't give up secret location)
4. Contest starts the first day of bow season and ends the last day of gun season (October 18th-Decemeber 5th).

Visit Brian's Auto or E-Mail
with any questions!

Clendenin, WV
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